Dear Friends,

Expanding freedom and opportunity will build a far better future than growing government bureaucracies and hiking taxes.

We achieved many successes over the last decade that improved the quality of life for Michiganders and brought more young people back home. We:
• Repealed thousands of rules and regulations that were driving away jobs.
• Cut taxes and lowered auto insurance costs to help family budgets and small businesses.
• Reduced state government debt while at the same time making record investments in roads, bridges, and schools.
• Passed Right to Work because government should never compel an individual to join a political organization in order to be allowed to work.

We made Michigan a better place to raise a family, operate a business, and find a career, but Democrats are reversing these successes and taking Michigan in the wrong direction.

Senate Republicans need your help. Governor Whitmer won re-election in a nearly 11% landslide, but we came within 404 votes of a 19-19 tie in the State Senate. We can win back the majority with your help and build on the successes that were moving Michigan forward.


Aric Nesbitt
Senate Republican Leader