The Senate Republican caucus continues to lead Michigan forward at a time when we are encountering a remarkable economic comeback after a decade of decline. Michiganders responded to our state’s turnaround by once again returning a Republican Majority in the State Senate.

Over the next four years, our focus will be to demonstrate to Michigan voters that Senate Republicans are keeping to our promise and mission: “to make Michigan the best possible home for families, talent and opportunity development, and jobs”.

Families: the foundation of a healthy culture and economy.

Talent and opportunity development: meeting the growing needs of a fast paced world and maximizing opportunities for everyone.

Jobs: ensuring that Michigan is a magnet for capital investment.

On behalf of the Senate Republicans - and all of Michigan - please accept our sincere thanks for your consistent, generous, and engaged support. We will actively stay in touch in the coming weeks, months, and years. 

Serving with, and for you,

Mike Shirkey
Senate Majority Leader, on behalf of our Michigan Senate Republican Majority