Leading the Way for Michigan’s Future Prosperity

Senate Majority Leader Randy Richardville

When the current Senators took their oaths of office on January 1, 2011, Michigan had been through a long and deep recession for much of the past decade.  Our state lost more than seven hundred thousand jobs in the previous decade.  One out of every five jobs lost in the country during this time was lost in Michigan.  Our children were forced to leave our state to find good paying jobs elsewhere.

Senate Republicans recognized these challenges and made a choice that the current model of government and regulation had to change.  We could not continue with the same policies of the past.  Business as usual had to go out the door.  We needed meaningful, sustainable reforms to bring Michigan back.

Beginning in January 2011 we passed much needed reforms in all areas of governance.  We paid down billions of dollars in unfunded liabilities to boost Michigan’s credit rating.  We passed much needed education reforms that empowered parents and students to get the quality public education they deserve.  We gave failing local governments the tools to get out from under the mountain of debt they were under.

The results are paying off.   The unemployment rate, which had topped 14% in the last year of the Granholm administration, is under 9% today.  Wall Street has upgraded Michigan’s credit rating, reducing the cost of borrowing to finance much needed repairs to our infrastructure.  Businesses are looking to move and expand in Michigan and create good paying jobs for hard working Michiganders.   Parents are hopeful that Michigan’s brightest days are now ahead of us instead of behind us.  Our children will in inherit a Michigan they can live and work in rather than move away from to find a better life.  The old way of doing business did not work.  We will continue to push reforms to ensure we never go back to the failed government models of the past.

Senator Randy Richardville
Senate Majority Leader
17th District